Monmouth NJ 250
America’s 250th anniversary is coming in 2026
Until America's
250th us-outlying-islands-emoji Anniversary

MonmouthNJ 250 Committee

The Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners formed the MonmouthNJ 250 Committee to facilitate the creation of an infrastructure for the County-wide celebration.

The goal of the Committee is to create a celebration that Monmouth County residents and visitors will be talking about for years to come while honoring and promoting the County’s unique and rich history.

The MonmouthNJ 250 Committee is comprised of various community members in addition to representatives from the Monmouth County Sheriff’s office, the County Clerk’s Office, Public Information and Tourism and the Monmouth County Park System. 

Monmouth County Clerk Christine G. Hanlon and Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone are Co-Chairs of the Committee. The Executive Director is Ted Maturo.

An advisory board of prominent historians with knowledge of Monmouth’s Revolutionary War history was also formed to assist with historical accuracy and insight. 

MonmouthNJ 250 Advisory Board members: